Laser Treatment Therapy

Lunula Laser

Lunula Laser is a low-level contained laser that targets onychomycosis, also known as toenail fungus, without causing damage to the nail or surrounding area. Completed in-clinic, the procedure only takes a few minutes and results in noticeably clearer and stronger nails.

The following symptoms often indicate a fungal infection:

  • Increased nail thickness
  • Lack of shine
  • Nail discolouration
  • Distortion of nail shape
  • Weakness or crumbling nails

A fungal infection can cause embarrassment and discomfort and, without treatment, permanent damage or disfigurement. Get in touch with our professionals to see how we can help you!

Noticeably healthier nails

SWIFT Laser Technology

Warts and lesions can seem painfully resilient, which is why we provide SWIFT therapy, one of the most effective and trusted forms of treatment. This technology emits a microwave signal directly into the affected area to initiate healing.

The advantages of this particular laser treatment include:

  • No dressings required or need to self-care
  • Pain relief following treatment
  • Few treatment sessions required
  • Quick and effective

Compared to other invasive techniques, this is a quick and beneficial process that produces visible improvements within 3 appointments.

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Improvements within 3 appointments

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