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Sports Foot & Ankle Injury Treatment – Bulleen

Are you looking for a specialist to effectively take care your foot or ankle injury? Contact MANNINGHAM FOOT CLINIC.

Founded 15 years ago, we specialise in treating patients of all sporting abilities. Our clinic is located within Bulleen.

Wide Range of Foot and Ankle Problems

The foot and ankle are essential to staying active every day. When injuries and conditions strike, it can be difficult to go through the routine.

At MANNINGHAM FOOT CLINIC, we specialise in treating a wide range of foot and ankle problems, such as:

  • Sports injuries,
  • Foot pain,
  • Ankle pain,
  • Heel pain,
  • Tendon issues and more.

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We help you get back to your routine

Sports Foot & Ankle Injury Treatment  Doncaster | Templestowe
Sports Foot & Ankle Injury Treatment Bulleen

Professional Standard Ankle Care and Injury

Ankle injury is one of the most common sports injuries, and is the most frequently re-injured.

Within a friendly and comfortable clinic, MANNINGHAM FOOT CLINIC provides consistent and professional standard ankle care and treatment.

Combining our skills with proven techniques, we aim to facilitate your ankle's healing process and get you back to your sports routine. Additionally, we target people between 20 to 35.

We aim to facilitate your ankle’s healing process

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Years experience
  • Professional services
  • Results driven
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

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