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Manningham Foot Clinic offers exclusive laser therapy to get rid of warts permanently.

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What are Warts?

Warts are common viral infections that appear on the skin as small, flesh-coloured growths that are rough to the touch. Depending on their location and lifespan, warts can become a constant source of pain, discomfort or embarrassment.

Because warts can exist undetected by the immune system, there is little chance of them healing on their own. With our exclusive SWIFT laser therapy, we can effectively remove warts by stimulating cell repair.

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Manningham Foot Clinic

Treatment and Therapy

Warts can seem frustratingly indestructible and will often require medical intervention. We offer SWIFT therapy, an exclusive treatment that targets the affected area with a precise microwave laser to provoke the body’s natural healing process.

Other than being highly effective and trusted, the benefits of this treatment include:

Eliminate Warts

Results from this therapy should be visible within 3 appointments without the need to self-care or dress the treated wart.

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Bud is very compassionate and understanding. He has been very patient with our younger children, and my husband too. Very knowledgeable and gives a clear outline of what we need to do in terms of appointments and work for home to keep on top of things.



Bud is an amazing podiatrist, he is very helpful and knowledgeable. He thoroughly assesses the issue, explains the condition and helps you through the treatment with a great deal of empathy and care. The reception team are also very lovely and welcoming. I highly recommend the Manningham Foot Clinic.



I always leave here feeling like I’m walking on clouds. Bud is very professional and does a very thorough job every time! Thanks Bud!



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With over 15 years experience, Manningham Foot Clinic offers high-quality orthotic devices that help prevent, correct and relieve any discomfort and pain.

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